Matcha sweets in Madrid

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The Japanese Culture Festival held at The Royal Botanic Garden in Madrid in May was a perfect stage to show Matcha green tea sweets.

Thanks to participation of The Matcha House Europe to this event, people could taste interesting Matcha sweets, such as Matcha chocolates, Matcha cookies, Matcha latte...etc.

The Matcha of the above-mentioned company changed totally the image that European people had had so far about Matcha. The Matcha House branded Matcha has bright green color and its taste is delicate & elegant. Its fine particles are suitable for cooking use, such as bread, cakes, chocolate, ice cream and other any kinds of sweets.

Of course, it is also recommendable to drink Matcha with hot water in a traditional way but today more Japanese people are drinking Matcha Latte - a blend of Matcha and milk.


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