If you're just learning how to make sushi at home, this easy recipe will help you get started! Here is a recipe for TEMARIZUSHI with tuna, salmon and Japanese Green Tea Matcha! "Temari" (手毬) means thread balls in Japanese. So "Temarizushi" or Temari-sushi" are small and ball-shaped sushi. Easy to prepare and best for parties. Let's learn how to make colorful TEMARIZUSHI and amazing Matcha sushi!

540cc Japanese rice
55ml vinegar
25g sugar
7g salt
100g of fresh tuna thinly sliced
100g fresh salmon thinly sliced
2 teaspoon of matcha tea
soy sauce

Sushi Recipe:
After washing and soaking Japanese rice, cook and let it steam. In a bowl, put 55ml of vinegar, 25g of sugar and 7g of salt. Add this mixture to rice. Mix well and cool the mixture. Separate one-third of the rice, add Matcha powder on it and mix well. Slice salmon and tuna into 4cm x 4cm size. Cut a piece of plastic wrap and put it in the palm of you hand and place toppings on it. Place sushi rice ball on the topping. Shape the sushi into a ball, twisting the plastic wrap. Unwrap the plastic wrap. Serve temarizushi with wasabi and soy sauce. Matcha sushi will be prepared without any toppings, only with the rice balls with Matcha.


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