Matcha Dorayaki

Dorayaki (どら焼き) is one of typical Japanese confections and it is famous for anime character Doraemon(ドラえもん)'s favorite food. It is a kind of pancake wrapped around a filling of sweet azuki bean paste Anko (小倉あん) . Doraemon's favorite Dorayaki is traditional one - means Dorayaki with reda azuki bean paste. But there exists many other variations such as white bean Anko(白餡), cream, chocolate, sweet chestnuts....etc.

Here is our original recipe,  Matcha Dorayaki (抹茶どら焼き). We used mix of white Anko and Matcha instead of red Anko.  It is so delicious and we are sure that Doraemon will love it!!

(For 3 units)
1 egg
Sugar                      35g
Honey                     6g
Mirin (sweet sake)   6g
Baking soda             2g
Water                      10g
Flour                        50g
white bean paste (shiro-an)  60g
Matcha Tea               3g

1. In a bowl mix egg and sugar.
2. Add mirin and honey and mix again.
3. Dissolve the baking soda into the water.
4. Add the sifted flour into the egg mixture gradually.
5. Leave the dough about 30 minutes.
6. Heat frying pan or hot plate without adding oil, cook the dough (We recommend using the Teflon frying pan)
7. When  bubbles begin to form and appera of the surface of the cake, turn the pancake over in the pan.
8. Cook 10 seconds more and cool the pancakes.
9. Mix Matcha with white bean paste shiro-an (白餡)
10. Put a scoop of the Matcha bean paste between the pancake.


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