Icho Restaurant

Today we present a new creation within our Masters of Matcha. The author is Yukihiko Shidara, better known as Master Tan. He was born into a samurai family and his grandfather ran a fish restaurant, one of the main ingredients of the traditional sacred Japanese cuisine. Just turned 18, Shidara attained the rank of Sushiman as a master of Japanese sushi bar. Years later, he got his degree in fine cuisine known as kaiseki.
After 20 years living in Barcelona he has become Icho’s Chef Restaurant, which offers a menu full of dishes combining Japanese and European food.

The recipe that he presents is Green Tea Pasta with wasabi red mullet and the ingredients used are flour, eggs, matcha, red mullet, wasabi stems, dried tomatoes, dashi (fish stock), kuzu and soy sauce.

A delicious homemade pasta with Matcha which contrasts with the salty touch of red mullet and the unique flavor of wasabi. This dish is a fusion of Western and Eastern cuisine, and to develop it Master Tan has used a high quality Matcha. He commonly uses Teatime Matcha for cooking, a variety recommended to make infusion because of its superior quality. But he feels no compunction to do so, part of the success of his dishes lies in using the best quality ingredients in his creations, Matcha, Soy, Wasabi ...

We invite you to learn more about this Master of the fusion cuisine and his restaurant Icho.


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