We are back!

Unfortunately, our trip to Japan is over, but even from Barcelona we want to continue telling you our experiences.

We arrived to Uji, Kyoto, one of the most important region in Japanese green tea growing. It was very very hot but still, the trees were very green and the village streets were filled of tea shops with green products all over, it was beautiful and it also gave us a feeling of fresh air.

Each time I go to Kyoto I eat Matcha parfait: matcha ice cream, matcha jelly, sweet red beans, mochi, vanilla ice cream, corn flakes and clementines. I am a big fan of Matcha parfait since i was a teenager and so far I have tried many varieties in different cities. No doubt for me the best is the one made by Kyuemon and Hayashi and Ito in Kyoto. They accompany this dessert with some Japanese pickles, so that the mouth doesn’t keep too sweet, very well thought!

I found a small tofu shop 3 minutes walk from Uji station to the Temple of Uji Byodoin. They sell tofu with Matcha (very original) and there I tried a Matcha tea ice cream. The ice cream was made with soy milk instead of cow's milk, which makes it even healthier. The owner and said 50% of customers who they currently receive are from Taiwan, where Matcha combination of soy milk is all the rage and everyone wants to try this ice cream.

The town of Uji in Kyoto, is known as the "highway of green tea," the place of green tea for excellence. It's tiny, quiet, and holds great elegance of Japan's oldest. I hope this preciousness remain so for long, bright and green as Japanese green tea.


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