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Hello everyone! This blog is a collection of recipes with Japanese Green tea Matcha. It is not easy to cook Matcha in Europe because it is difficult to find fresh Matcha powder at reasonable price and it is not easy to find recipes using material which you can find easily in Europe. We are trying to introduce easy recipes with Matcha utilizing European ingredients and recommendable Matcha powder. Enjoy a lot our Green Tea recipes! 【COPYRIGHT】All recipes and photographs are copyrighted and may not published elsewhere without permission.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Matcha Espresso with condensed milk

In Spanish coffee shops you can order Espresso Coffee with condenced milk.  This drink is called "biberón" or "café bombón".  It is quite sweet so people sometimes order this drink instead of order dessert and coffee because this is the perfect way to take sweet dessert and after-lunch coffee at the same time.

Now we would like to present you our new unique recipe - Matcha Espresso with condensed milk!  We just used Matcha instead of coffee. It is a very beautiful drink and much healthier than coffee. 3g of Matcha contains 19% of the recommended amount of antioxidants in the diet of an adult and also, 
Matcha tea is a significant source of several vitamins and minerals. Nutiritionally, a cup of Matcha is equivalent to taking 10 cups of traditional green tea such as Sencha. If you have a habit of taking 2 cups of coffee a day, why not change one cup to Matcha? Your body and mind will appreciate you!

Matcha espresso with condensed milk

3 teaspoons of Matcha (3-4g)
90ml hot water
Condensed milk 1 tablespoon

1. Leave condensed milk at room temperature.
2. Place condensed milk into the glass cup.
3. Prepare Matcha. In a small bowl put Matcha powder (sifted previously), add hot water and beat with mini capuchino mixer or bamboo whisk.
4. Put Matcha to the cup.
5. In summer, you can add ice or vanilla ice cream on it.

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