Green Tea Diet

What is the Green Tea Diet? The Matcha House wants to help the people who wants to start Green Tea Diet. Before starting, just take into account the following key points:

- Catechin is one of the most important polyphenols that provide health benefits and is found in high quantities in green tea. According to the Nikkei Health Magazine (May 2012), scientific studies recommend to consume 2g of Matcha every day (it is equivalent to one tea spoon).

- Matcha is high quality green tea in powder, so it is fit to a daily use of your diet menu. Just add one tea spoon of Matcha to your usual breakfast and you easily will be able to enjoy its beneficial properties.

- It is important to consume Matcha of good quality. Make sure of its manufacturer and its freshness.

The Matcha House prepared 7 easy diet recipes for your breakfast. You will just have to add 2g of Matcha to your usual breakfast. These are very quick recipes and you will need only 3 minutes to prepare!

 Liquid yogurt + 2g Matcha

Toast + butter + sugar + 2g Matcha

Fruit + yogurt + 2g Matcha

Milk + 2g Matcha

Sencha + 2g Matcha

Egg + salt + 2g Matcha

Cereals + 2g Matcha


Welcome to healthy life with Matcha!


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