Yumcha, C/Palla, 5 Barcelona

Have you heard about BUBBLE TEA? It's the ultimate natural & healthy drink. Originally from Asia and well known in the United States, it is now arriving to Europe. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup), milk and small chewy tapioca balls commonly called "pearls". These pearls (or bubbles) are made from Yuca which gives the drink a sweet flavor and a high content of vitamin B, C, Calcium and Iron. There are many variants of the drink, depending on the types of tea used and ingredients added. The most popular kinds are made from black and green tea. Once you have all the ingredients, it is really easy to prepare:
1) Put the bubbles in a glass.
2) Mix the tea with the other liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice
3) Add the mixture to the glass  
4) Take chilled through a straw special wide-mouth so that the pearls can go up through it

It is a unique experience as you are drinking and chewing at the same time. A really explosive mix of exotic and refreshing flavors in your mouth. Of course we can use Matcha green tea to prepare this drink. It’s fantastic properties in combination with the ones from Yuca, make Matcha Bubble Tea a very healthy and refreshing drink for these hot days. The Matcha House already has who uses their Matcha to offer a delicious Matcha Bubble Tea. For those who live in Barcelona or for those who are on vacation here, we recommend visiting YUMCHA, a restaurant-bar where you can try Bubble Teas and many other delicacies. C/ Palla, 5 - Barcelona.


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