Matcha Buyer's Guide

Are you interested in buying Matcha by not sure which Matcha is right for you? We made the following Matcha Buyer's Guides to help you decide. For drinking use, we have 5 varieties of Matcha and 7 varieties of other kinds of Green Teas. You can make by yourself any kinds of Matcha drinks with our Matcha. For cooking use, we have 5 varieties of Matcha and you can enjoy different Matcha flavour for your creations.

Matcha Buyer's Guide (for drinks) 

Matcha Buyer's Guide (for cooking)

Still unclear? Then, please feel free to call our Barcelona office (+ or email us to!  All Matcha and Green Tea products are available on The Matcha ShopBesides, now, The Matcha Shop offers 16.00€ Flat Rate Shipping for European countries! No matter how much Matcha you buy. If you live in Fracne, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, UK, R.Czech and Austria, just try our easy Shipping and save money!



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