Cold Melon Juice with Green Tea!

Very refreshing drink for hot summer days!

The "Agua de Melón (= melon water) " that I tasted in Mexico several years ago was one of unforgettable drink for me.  It was simply so good and it was a perfect drink for such hot summer days.  Fortunately, in Spain where we live also, we have melon of good quality and besides it is very cheap, so it is quite easy to make melon juice at home. Today we present you our new recipe for "Cold Melon Juice" but we added Japanese Green Tea Matcha!!  Result:  very refreshing and very good taste drink. We believe that you will like it!!
Ingredients (for 4 persons):

Melon                1/2 unit
Matcha               1 teaspoon

water to dissolve Matcha 10ml
cocktail ice


Remove seeds of Melon with a spoon.
2. Using an ice-cream baller, scoop out and transfer melon balls to a juicer.
3. Turn on the juicer and turn off once you have processed all the fruit.
4. Disolve Matcha with water.
5. Add  Matcha to the juice and process again.
6. Put cocktail ice into a glass.
7. Put juice and mix.
8. Ready to serve!

For this recipe, we used PRACTICE MATCHA 30g of The Matcha House.

Tea ceremony grade Usucha style. Practice Matcha 30g is our best Matcha for tea ceremony use and it is the most popular Matcha among tea ceremony schools. Intense green, fluity and mild flavor. This product is absolutely high quality and strongly recommended for true Matcha fans. 


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