Matcha Framboise Cake

For this recipe, we used Chlorella Matcha. At high heat, Matcha starts to die off, but due to chlorella, this retains Matcha's vibrant green color after baking.  Our Chlorella Matcha is Matcha blended with chlorella, a green alga that contains a high chlorophyll content, which gives a vivid green color to the culinary creations. Please do not add baking powder for this recipe - it is not necessary.

- For Matcha sponge cake:
3 eggs L
85 g sugar
95gr flour
30 g of milk
30 gr of butter
6g of Chlorella Matcha

We used a round pan 18cm x 8cm height.

- For decolation: 
400ml whipping cream + sugar
24 units of


1. Leave the eggs at room temperature. (very important!)
2. Leave the oven at 180 .
3. In a bowl beat the eggs for 3 minutes with electric mixer.
4. Add sugar and continue beating for 5 minutes more.
5. Heat 4. in a water bath without stopping beating. 
Remove from heat and continue beating for more 5 minutes.
(it is very important to beat sufficiently!)
6. Sift the flour and Matcha in a bowl. Mix well.
(very important!) 
7. Add the powders to 5. and mix well with a spatula.
8. Melt the butter and milk.
9. Add 1/8 (one eighth) of the mixture to 8.
10. Mix the whole amount of butter with the mixture with spatula.
11. Put butter in the pan and place the mixture in the pan.
12. Bake about 35 minutes at 160 .

(the temperature very important!)
13. When the cake is cooled, cut in half horizontally.
14. Decolate the cake with framboises and whipped cream.



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