We enjoyed Nodate in Cervantes Park

Today is Saturday. This morning we went to Cervantes Park of Barcelona to enjoy the Nodate (Matcha picnic).

What is Nodate?  Nodate (野点)is Japanese Outdoor Tea Ceremony. It is Japanese traditional outdoor activity. There are a lot of ways from very formal way to informal way. Today we did very informal way. 

Cervantes Park is a rose-themed park. There were few roses in bloom due to the seasonal pattern, but we felt autumn when we saw the trees and persimmons where the autumn leaves had begun.

We sat on a bench near the bamboo grove and enjoyed Matcha tea and also enjoyed our KOI GENMAICHA from Uji, Kyoto. 

We hope that a lot of people in Europe learn this way to enjoy Matcha tea outdoors. Preparing tea outdoors and drinking is very, very nice and you can feel that you are becoming one with the nature. It is very easy to do and you can do it alone.

When autumn deepens, it will be the best season to enjoy green tea. We are really looking forward to it from now on!

Our best Matcha 

No.7 bus takes us to the park

a cup of Koi Genmaicha 

Our Koi Genmaicha from Uji, Kyoto 

Aizome Nodate Set 

Preparing Matcha tea with Fugetsu Chasen

Roses without flowers

Preparing Matcha tea 

Cerevantes Park

Our Nodate tin 

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