Today we celebrate 100 members in our NODATE CLUB!  Thank you all who joined us!!

We created a NODATE lovers community on Facebook 8 months ago. "NODATE" means open-air tea ceremony or outdoor Matcha picnic. This is one of Japanese culture but it is not well known yet in the world. 

If you want to change your mood, touch the outside air, you can enjoy a NODATE time. "NO" means field or outdoor and "DATE" means make Matcha tea in Japanese. You can enjoy NODATE time anytime, anywhere. Take your usual belongings + Nodate set, decide your destination at will and go out. Have a cup of Matcha feeling of openness outside or nature while tasting tea, it is simple but you can spend a fulfilling time that you can say that there is no more luxury. NODATE's charm is that you can do it in a style that suits you, without worrying about the detailed manners. I even think that NODATE time is a reward for myself who is working hard every day. 

Solo camping is now popular in Japan, but NODATE is much easier and you can easily start in a nearby park. Bring Matcha bowl, Matcha tea, hot water, tea whisk, spoon, and your favorite sweet and let us start NODATE life! Currently 100 people are participating in our NODATE CLUB.

We would like to increase the number of participants and aim for fun exchanges with people all over the world who love NODATE culture, so please feel free to join us!!


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