Koi Genmaicha with Matcha Green Tea

Today we will talk about Genmaicha. Many people know that Green Tea is good for health, but some people do not like the flavor of Green tea.
However, even those people think this tea is delicious. Genmaicha is a blend of Sencha and roasted brown rice. Our "Koi Genmaicha with Matcha" is a wonderful blend of Sencha grown in Uji, Kyoto, roasted brown rice and Matcha. It has a very dintinct green tea flavor and it is very aromatic and mild because of brown rice. And it looks very beautiful in a cup because of Matcha's bright green. This is a tea to enjoy with five senses.

As Matcha tea is very sensitive to the effects of moisture and high temperature. And the direct sun light and florescent light also may damage the quality of Matcha. In order to protect the quality of the tea, this product is packed in a aluminium bag individually and so you can enjoy always its freshness and best taste. The quality and quantity of the Sencha is carefully selected so that you can get a proper taste even though with European hard water.

As Genmaicha is a blend of Sencha tea with brown rice, less amount of green tea Sencha is used than normal tea. Therefore, it has less caffeine and this tea is recommended even for children and elder people. Brown rice is rich in dietary fiber and Sencha tea contains a large amount of catechins (a natural source of antioxidants that is actively works for prevention of many diseases including cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol etc.) Therefore, you can take advantage of these healthy benefits at a same time and also the aroma of this tea has effects of relaxation and stress relief.

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