Drink more Japanese Green Tea in the New Year

Start your new year with a different tea as usual. The Matcha House recommends you to enjoy their new delicious range "Uji teas" in your New Year. Japanese green tea is one of the healthiest drinks and a good new year’s resolution would be: Drink more Japanese green tea. You could simply serve Gyokuro, Sencha, Genmaicha, or,  the New Year is the good chance to start practice drinking Matcha. With The Matcha House's wide varieties of Japanese green tea, this resolution could easily be achieved!

[Uji Gyokuro 70g]
Gyokuro is a superior Japanese green tea made from fresh buds that are harvested only once a year. Gyokuro leaves are shaded from direct sunlight for approximately 3 weeks before the spring harvest.  In order to enjoy the unique sweetness that is the trademark of Gyokuro tea,  it is important to pay attention to when preparing gyokuro is the heat of the water. The water should be warm-around 50 Cº. First boil the water, then pour it into the teapot, cover with lid, and let it cool.

[Uji Sencha 100g]
Beautiful dark green tea leaves.
Sencha is one of the most popular green teas in Japan. There are different grades of Sencha, the better you get from the first harvest in spring was. The House Matcha Sencha sells only top quality, intense and fresh aroma and beautiful golden-green hue. Combines a bitter taste with a delicate floral flavor, very aromatic.

[Uji Genmaicha 200g]
Genmaicha is a delicious blend of Sencha tea, Matcha tea and toasted rice. Made Tea Sencha Uji region, which guarantees its high quality as it is a reference region in the cultivation of green tea. Rice gives a very aromatic flavor that contrasts with the refreshing taste of sencha.

Matcha is a Japanese powdered green tea. Only high-grade Matcha is suitable to drink as a tea. The Matcha House offers 3 types of Matcha, harvested only once a year in the Spring. For those who want to enjoy purest Matcha tea.


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