Matcha Tea Mousse Pies and Japan in our minds

Let us introduce one of the messages that we have received these days.

"No matter how hard we try to plan our lives, they can always be disrupted. And nature is unpredictable. I would have preferred not to have any reason to make this recipe, but Japan is in everybody's mind these days. So in remembrance of the Japanese people I have prepared this simple recipe for little mousse pies. These sweets have the subtlety of flavors so common in Japanese cuisine and are relatively easy to make, and furthermore eye-catching. - Miriam García (Madrid)."

「どんなに人生を計画しようと試みても、その計画が壊されてしまう時が常にある。自然は予測不可能だ。このレシピを作ることに特に理由をつけるつもりはな かったのだけれど、どうしても私たちの心の中は日本のことでいっぱいで、それなら日本の人たちのことを忘れないように、と考えながらこの抹茶ムースパイを つくることにした。- Miriam García (Madrid)」

Here is her recipe:


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