Matcha Chocolate of Cacao Sampaka

Cacao Sampaka, a prestigious chocolate company has just launched its latest flavour: Green Tea Matcha Chocolate, available exclusively at its franchises shops in the world:  Barcelona, Bailbao, Dubai, Lisboa, Madrid, Praga, Tokyo and Valencia.  Cacao Sampaka combined white chocolate with Matcha and sparkling lemon. This new bar is exceptional and it surely will be a big hit with chocolate lovers.


  1. hi there,
    stumbled upon your blog when i was googling about matcha. Im looking for affordable matcha green tea powder in europe for my chocolate making :D
    Nice blog you have!
    cheers from nordic

  2. Hi nilij, thanks a lot for your comment! If you look for high quality matcha, you can get it through! Harvest sale will start within a week. Good luck for your Matcha chocolate!


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