Carles Mampel, Bubó

Today we are pleased to talk about Carles Mampel, a passionate Catalan Pastry Chef whose creations are inspired on a delicate taste, texture and aroma. He was named Best Spanish Pastry Artisan in 1999 before and after winning many national and international prices. In 2008 he became a member of Relais Dessert, a professional association of the “Haute Pâtisserie” compound of the best patissier of the world.
In 2005 Mampel open his first shop Bubó in the old part of Barcelona. A really charming cake shop with a warm atmosphere and a delicious aroma. In 2012 he started his international adventure opening his shop Bubó in Kuwait.
The most special desserts and cakes can be found at Bubó, a universe of color and taste. And of course a delicate ingredient as Japanese Matcha Green Tea should be among his best creations. Today we present two special creations with Matcha: Green Tea & Raspberry Cake with white chocolate and Tea Cookies. Please, enjoy them!


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