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Monday, May 14, 2012

Matcha Cocktails

Matcha Mojito with Shiso, by Fizz Bartenders

The hot season is here and we can start enjoying the most cool outside nightclubs in the city. The most amazing views on hotel roofs, tempting pools full of candles, enchanting atmosphere, and all of it accompanied by good music and refreshing cocktails. An interesting entertainment option for warmest nights.  And this is why we want to present the latest trend in uses of Matcha: cocktails.
Fine texture, delicate flavor and exotic aroma, Matcha green tea is a perfect partner in the development of any cocktail since it allows for easy mixing with other ingredients. Is important to assure a raw material of top quality, otherwise it could spoil that magic moment.
Today the young company Fizz Bartenders wants to share with us one of their latest creations. Their goal for more than a decade has been to adapt the keys of the classic cocktails to the most modern events giving them their special creative touch. They produce luxury cocktails tailored to special events. The keys: quality raw materials, special and unique environments and a great deal of experience. They are a team of professionals capable of raising large cocktail culture to the level of sophisticated cuisine.
Among their extensive repertoire of cocktails, this season stands Mojitos Bar. Without a doubt it’s the most popular and refreshing Cuban cocktail that this time they combine with different fruits, herbs or spices. Among all of their creations, today we highlight the Matcha Green Tea Mojito with Shiso.
We want to encourage you to visit this summer's hippest hangouts of the city and have fun taking your cocktail with Matcha. And for the most creative ones ... go on and prepare your home cocktail with Matcha and dazzle your most special guests.
Enjoy it!


  1. What company is that glassware from?

  2. Hi,
    Sorry we do not know that glassware's maker's name. Maybe you can ask the company who published this cocktail: Fizz Bartenders.