Ochazuke with Matcha

"Ochazuke" is a very popular, traditional Japanese dish made by pouring hot green tea over rice with savory toppings.  It is a very light dish and people often eat it when he does not feel well or the stomach is in a bad condition.  Both Japanese green tea and Umeboshi (Japanese plum) are widely used for curing the stomach problems. Sometimes dashi (fish stock) is used instead of green tea. Nowadays most people use ready-made ochazuke packets, from companies like Nagatanien, but if you make Ochazuke by yourself, using green tea made from tea leaves, you will be able to enjoy more the health benefits of the Japanese green tea and it will be much healthier.  

1 cup of cooked white rice
1 teaspoon of Kombucha powder 昆布茶
1/2 teaspoon of salt

Roasted glutinous rice or crispy rice cracker
1/2 teaspoon of Matcha
Umeboshi 1 unit
Hot Genmaicha Tea 150ml
Nori (seaweed) a bit

How to prepare (for one serving):

1. Put hot cooked white rice in a bowl.
2. Put salt, rice crackers, Kombucha powder and Matcha powder on the rice.
3. Put one Umeboshi.
4. Prepare hot Genmaicha tea.
5. Pour hot tea on the rice.
6. Add cut nori (seaweed).

Koi Genmaicha 100g
Our Koi Genmaicha is perfect combination of genmai (roasted brown rice), Matcha (high quality green tea powder) and high-grade Sencha green tea leaf. The Genmai gives slightly nutty tasting and the Matcha gives a beautiful green color and very pleasing aroma. We guarantee its freshness as we bring this product directly from our Matcha factory in Nishio, Japan.

Koi Genmaicha 40 teabags
Hemos envasado el sabor auténtico y elegante aroma del té Genmaicha de Uji en bolsitas de pirámide. Es una mezcla de té verde Sencha, té Matcha de alta calidad (Usucha) y arroz glutinoso asado. Muy aromático y de intenso sabor. Diseñados para restaurantes y profesionales. También es ideal para la gente que quiere tomar auténtico té verde japonés cada día en su casa de la manera fácil


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