Matcha & Hojicha butter cream roll

This recipe is so simple. All you need is sliced sandwich bread, Matcha, and butter. To make this roll sandwich, you will take only 5 minutes! Ideal recipe for your breakfast y afternoon snack!

2 sliced white sandwich bread (we used
"Pan Bimbo Enrollados")
Sweet Matcha 10g
50g butter


1. Place a slice of white sandwich bread on wet clean cloth (We wet the cloth with warm water to hydrate fiber of the bread in order to roll  it better.)
2. Microwave the butter for 40 seconds. 

3. Add Sweet Matcha powder into hot butter. Mix well.
4. Spread 3 on white bread.
5. Roll the bread carefully.
6. Cut in half and it is ready to eat!!

If you want to make Hojicha rolls (Hojicha is roasted green tea), use 10g of sugar + 3g of Hojicha powder 3g instead of Sweet Matcha.


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