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Hello everyone! This blog is a collection of recipes with Japanese Green tea Matcha. It is not easy to cook Matcha in Europe because it is difficult to find fresh Matcha powder at reasonable price and it is not easy to find recipes using material which you can find easily in Europe. We are trying to introduce easy recipes with Matcha utilizing European ingredients and recommendable Matcha powder. Enjoy a lot our Green Tea recipes! 【COPYRIGHT】All recipes and photographs are copyrighted and may not published elsewhere without permission.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homemade Green Tea Buns

Finally we learned how to make homemade buns!  We were wondering how we could reproduce my mother's buns but we have finally convinced ourselves that we are able to make these nostalgic buns and we did it!

These buns are soft and tender and have a mild sweetness. So they are ideal for your breakfast or for your afternoon snacks.  Making these green tea buns were really fun!  Kneading green dough, we enjoyed the good smell of fresh yeast and fresh green tea. If you think that making bread is complicated, with this easy recipe you will change your mind. Please trust this recipe and try to make your own howmade buns. It is so easy and you'll love your buns!


(for 6 pieces of 8cm buns)

bread flour             250 g  

fresh yeast                  8g  (we used LEVITAL)
sugar                        15g

Matcha                      5g (we used COOK MATCHA)
butter                       25g 

milk                         110ml
1 pinch of salt
1 egg flour for kneading    50g or more
1 egg yolk for painting


1. In a bowl put flour and make a hole in the center.
2. Put sugar and fresh yeast into the hole. 

3. Place egg and salt away from the yeast.
4. Heat the milk to 40°C and put toward yeast.
5. With a spoon, mix well and b
ring the ingredients together to form a sticky mass.
6. Add Matcha powder and mix well.
7. Transfer the dough to a floured kitchen table.
8. With floured hands, throw and turn the dough.

9. Repeat this process of turning and kneading for 15 minutes.
10. Add softened butter to the dough and continue kneading over 5 minutes.

11. Shape the dough into a smooth ball.
12. Leave the dough to rise in the oven of 40°
C for 60 minutes.
13.Once the dough has doubled in size, remove from bowl and p
ress a finger into the dough.
If indentation remains, the dough has properly risen.
14. Cover the dough with wet cloth and leave for 10 minutes.
Shape each piece into a small ball.
16. Leave the balls in the oven of 40°C for 40 minutes to rise until double in size.

17. (This time, before baking, paint each buns with egg yolk and sprinkle with white sesame.)
18. Bake at 200°C for 10 minutes.



  1. Amazing recipe. I love these type of recipe. Thanks for sharing this.
    Can I have it the coffee?

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak

  2. Hi Finn, thank you so much for your kind comments! Yes, we think you will have it with coffee as well. Kind regards.

  3. Looks absolutely delicious! I love sweets and pastries with matcha.
    Greets from Poland.

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for your kind comments from Poland!! Best wishes, The Matcha House

  5. Great site, valuable and very useful information,you has provided us for that I really thankful to you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. We are all very happy to receive so encouraging comments.

  6. Wow.. Green Tea Buns..
    I really wanna try this recipes. But there is one thing I want to ask. For proof we need to leave the dough in the oven of 40°C for 60 minutes and for second proofing for 40 minutes ? Can I leave the dough to rise at room temperature ? If you can for how long it took to proofing the dough.



  7. Hello Sae, thank you very much for your comment! But honestly speaking we do not know how to proof at room temperature...sorry...!!