Strawberries with Mascarpone and Matcha

This is a new version of Italian tiramisu recipe, made with fresh strawberries and Matcha tea. This dessert is delicious and easy to make


(for 2 cups)
100 ml of fresh cream
100g of Mascarpone cheese
50g of Cream cheese (Philadelphia)
10 strawberries
10 g sugar for the cream
10 g sugar for the cream cheese
15 g sugar for strawberries
8g of Matcha powder

1. In a bowl, combine Mascarpone cheese and cream cheese.
2. In a large bowl, whip the cream using an electric hand mixer until cream becomes stiff.  
3. Add whipped cream to cheese mix and mix until the mixture is well combined. 
4. Cut strawberries into 2cm. 
5. Put the strawberries into a blender with sugar and puree them.
6. Mix the strawberry compote with the remaining cut strawberries.
7. P
lace the strawberry compote in the bottom of the glasses.
8. Fill the glasses with cheese cream.
9. Cover the surface with Matcha powder. 

10. Decorate with strawberry compote.


  1. Woooow! This must be unbelievably tasty!!! We must try this out! --M&A

  2. It looks so delicious and inventive. I am a big green tea lover. I will try it when I am free, may be this weekend.

  3. Dear livesnapblog, thank you so much for your kind comments! :-)

  4. Dear Green Energy drinks, thank you very much for your kind commets. Yes, please try!!


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