Hojicha Green Tea Fresh Cream Chocolate

Last week we enjoyed a Green Tea Workshop in Barcelona and to acompany Matcha tea, we served these Hojicha Chocolates and Matcha Chocolates. The attendees liked them very much, so, as promised to them, we hereby publish our recipe. These Hojicha Green Tea chocolates are called Hojicha Nama Chocolates (焙じ茶生チョコ)in Japan. It is truffle size but its recipe is much easier than those of truffle. It melts in your mouth and Hojicha savory flavour remains in your mouth....simply, it is delicious!


190g of white chocolate
10g of butter
90ml of cream
10g of honey
10g of Hojicha powder

10g of Hojicha powder (for sprinkle)
Used mold (tupperware) of 10cm x 16cm x height 3cm


1. Put Hojicha powder in a heatproof bowl.
2. Add cream slowly and mix well.
3. Add honey and mix well.
4. Heat 3. in the microwave for 1 minute (500W).
5. Immediately add the white chocolate (previously
cut) and mix well. Add butter as well and mix well.
6. Heat again 5. in the microwave for 30 second (500W). Mix well again.
Cover the square mold with baking parchment.
Pour the mixture into the mold.
Chill in the refrigerator more than 4 hours or overnight.
10. Remove the mixture and cut into square pieces of 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm*
11. Sprinkle Hojicha powder on the chocolates. 

* Use hot knife to prevent sticking.


  1. Those look so good! I love green tea. It has the perfect amount of caffeine for me! I drink a glass before every workout! http://groundgreentea.com

  2. Hi Calvin, thank you very much for your kind comment! Yes, it is low caffeine recipe and if you like Hojicha taste, you will like it!


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