Why my Matcha Doesn't Foam?

Hi Matcha fans!  In this recipe, we are introducing how to make a cup of traditional Matcha. If your Matcha does not have a rich foam on top, the reasons will be most likely one of the followings:

1. You did not prewarm the bowl.
2. The water was not hot enough.
3. The Matcha powder's quantity was not enough.
4. Your movement of Chasen was not quick enough.

Take a look at our quick 1-minute video:  youtu.be/QjURIdJZzFw   


2g of Ceremonial grade Matcha
70ml of hot water


1. You will just need a tea bowl, teawhisk Chasen, teaspoon Chashaku, Matcha and hot water.
2. Matcha is to be sifted in advance. It will prevent lumping when you make it.
3. First of all, we prewarm the teabowl. Pour roughly 1/3 a cup of hot water into bowl. Gently moisten the Chansen in water.
4. Move the bowl into circular motion to warm the whole.
5. Throw away the water.
6. Wipe bowl dry with soft cloth.
7. Using Chashaku, place 2 scoops of Matcha into bowl (approx. 2g).
8. Pour hot water (90ºC) about 1/3 cup (approx.70ml). It is important to use soft mineral water.
9. Take the bamboo whisk in one hand and hold the rim of the matcha bowl with your other hand.
10. First move the Chasen slowly to agitate the tea all around.
11. Next move the Chasen quickly above bottom of the bowl. Move it vigorously back and forth. And fast. You wrist in the stroke like M or W. The time is 10 to 15 seconds.
12. Now slow down and move the Chasen in the surface. This is to remove larger bubbles.
13. When satisfied, lift the Chasen carefully from the centre.
14. Now you can enjoy your Matcha!


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