Langue de chat with Matcha Chocolate

Have you ever heard of "Shiroi Koibito" (白い恋人)?  It is a langue-de-chat sandwich with a rich white chocolate filling and it is one of the Hokkaido's best and most famous souvenirs.  A langue-de-chat is a French white cookie that is baked until the edges becomes brown. 


We love Shiroi Koibito and we tried to make homemade langue-de-chat cakes with Matcha green tea chocolate filling. The Langue-de-chat has normally a long chape of 2cm wide and 7cm long, but we made round shape ones because it was easier. 


(for langue-de-chat) 100g   butter, softened
100g   flour 
1 unit egg (room temperature)(you can use only egg white if you want lighter cookies)
60g  powdered sugar 
vanilla essence 

(for chocolate) 90g  White chocolate
10g  Matcha Green Tea Powder 
1 pinch salt


1. Preheat oven to 180ºC.

2. In a bowl, beat butter. 

3. Add the powdered sugar to the butter and continue beating.

4. Add egg in 3 times and continue beating.

5. Add sifted flour and mix with a rubber spatula.

6. Add vanilla essence and mix well.

7. When the dough is unified, spoon batter into a large piping bag fitted with a medium round tip. Pipe batter onto prepared pans about 4cm diameter.

8. Bake them for 9 minutes at 180ºC.

9. Let cool completely. Once cool, dip into Matcha chocolate ganache and cool in the freezer.

1. Heat white chocolate (previously cut) in the microwave.

2. Once the chocolate melts, add Matcha and mix it with a spoon well.

3. Add salt and mix it well.